Frequently Asked Questions

A complete FAQ will be sent when contract and retainer are received.

Q: Why is there a 3 day rental minimum?

A: Location; Cleaning; logistics

Q: How is the garbage handled?

A: There is a trash compactor in the kitchen. All garbage is placed on the left side of the house next to the garage. • Grey Can is for regular garbage only. - • Blue Can is for RECYCLING only. • Green can is for vegetation only. (If garbage cans are full please place bags next to cans as garbage is only picked up once a week.)

Q: How do I get to Seadrift?

A: Highway One to Stinson Beach. Turn on Calle Del Arroyo. Go to Seadrift Gate. Provide your name to Security. You cannot enter after Security is Closed at 9PM – you must have a card key.

Q: Can I have a party here?

A: Yes. Birthday parties and even weddings have been held at our pet friendly rental.  Keep it within reason, and you must observe Association rules with regard to no amplified music.  If you flood the septic system you will be charged a minimum of $350 for pumping so you must pre-arrange portables. IfSeadrift Security is called you may incur a charge as well.

Q: Parking

A: All car tires must be completely OFF Seadrift Road asphalt. There is an easement on all Seadrift properties for parking between the edge of asphalt and the fence line.

Q: Is the House warm enough?

A: This house has thermostatically controlled heaters - see FAQ upon rental.

Q: How do I COOL the House?

A: Open the doors, windows and skylight.

Q: How do guests get through the security gate?

A: You MUST leave the Drivers name with Security in advance.

Q: How do I get to the BEACH?

A: The beachfront houses do NOT have easements – they are PRIVATELY owned. Walk back through the security gate and turn right on the first street (Walla Vista Street). This is the area of the beach where the hang gliders land and a pleasant morning walk to the Parkside for breakfast.
Drive to the North end of Seadrift road and you will find a beautiful beach with ample parking, tennis courts, barbecue pits and the Bolinas lagoon.

Q: What is the best way to enjoy the lagoon?

A: Always Paddle UPWIND first; Always tie the boats to the dock to prevent loss.

Q: Septic.

A: There is no sewer system at Seadrift. Please be kind to the septic system, flush only when necessary and use the trash cans. Septic system abuse will result in a charge.

Q: Water.

A: Please conserve water.

Q: Bedding.

A: Extra bedding is in the cedar chest by the front door.

Q: Sun Shades

A: Use the solarium solar shades to block direct sunlight – please leave them partially closed when departing. Please leave the switch in the neutral (off) position.

Q: Where is the circuit breaker box?

A: To the right of the computer by the inside door to the garage.

Q: Where are the fire extinguishers?

A: To the right of the computer by the breaker box and in the master bathroom.
Please do not use candles.

Q: Emergency Lights

A: No Candles please – cupboard above microwave has 3 lanterns and batteries.

Q: Tennis Courts

A: Private Tennis Court Key is attached to the tennis racket bag.
You can reserve a court on the DAY of use by writing your name and time down at the courts.

Q: Can I use the boogie boards, kneeboards and surfboards

A: YES, except for the surfboards. Please rent a surf board from Donnie in town.
You will be charged for damage to boards.

Q: Can I use the Laser Sail boat or Single Scull.

A: Only if you have real experience sailing or rowing – these are not toys and the scull is fragile. If you damage it you will have to pay for labor & materials to fix it. Do not leave sail up and rigged when not in use. A $200 deposit is required

Q: Are there bikes that we can use?

A: No – If you want to bike, scooter, or skate in the Seadrift Gated Community you will need to bring your own equipment.
Please do not ride bikes on the beach.